Avoid The Highway To Preserve Gas In Your Tank

August 4th 2013

Most people want to avoid wasting gas because of the high costs of gasoline. There are several ways you can improve your gas mileage. A dirty air filter will cause your vehicle to use more gas. Keep your air filter clean to avoid wasting gas. The air pressure on your tires should be properly inflated to avoid losing valuable gas.

Check the tires on your vehicle at least once each month. During the hot summers and cold winters you should check them more often. Extreme Continue Reading »

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What Is The Best Average Speed For Gasoline Efficiency?

July 31st 2013

Fuel efficiency is on the minds of all drivers these days. With the price of gasoline steadily increasing, drivers are becoming more aware of the need to use gas efficiently. To get the most out of you gasoline powered car, you need to drive at appropriate speeds depending on the driving conditions. For example, highway speeds usually yield the best fuel efficiency. At speeds of over 55 miles per hour, most gasoline engines work at a steady RPM rate that uses fuel efficiently. For such reasons, the EPA fuel efficiency Continue Reading »

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Why Gasoline Burns Faster At Higher Speeds

July 28th 2013

Everybody wants to save as much gas as possible. Since the price of gasoline is always on the rise, it only makes sense to try to burn less of it. Many people believe that a vehicle burns gas at a faster pace when driving fast. To understand why higher speeds burn gasoline faster, it’s important to understand a little bit about aerodynamics.

Put simply, aerodynamics is basically how an object’s shape and size affects Continue Reading »

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Driving A Little Slower Saves A Lot Of Money

July 24th 2013

Each day, thousands of motorists can be seen racing from one stoplight to the next. This is a very inefficient style of driving to say the least. With the gas prices being so unpredictable, it is of the utmost importance that we take all of the necessary steps to get the best fuel economy. One of the best ways to enhance fuel efficiency is to slow down your speed.

Many drivers do not realize their fast Continue Reading »

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How Regularly Reducing Acceleration Can Lower Your Gasoline Costs

July 21st 2013

The amount that you are spending on gasoline is probably a much bigger part of your household budget than what you would like for it to be. That is important because there are steps you can take which will lower the amount that you are paying and really have an impact on your bottom line. Gasoline costs are certainly high, and no one is denying that, but you need to take steps to make it better.

It is always a good idea to fill up your tank at night or first thing in the morning. The heat of the day makes your tank not able to absorb as much of the gasoline as it would at cooler times in the day. Thus, you are not getting as much for your money when you are just filling up at whatever time of the day. Wait until night and fill up for less.

Try to find the shortest routes to the places that you need to go. They may not be the routes that you are currently taking, Insurance Deals from Safeco, but they may be better ones to take if you want to avoid traffic and save on your gas bill. That is the bottom line of it when it comes to saving money. More info here: How to Reduce Your Gasoline Expense and Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

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